An adult game by FruityChoco Studio

What's so special about it?
... It's MYSTICAL? Duh...

Meet Misty!

Hey! Where did that light come from?!

What? Magic?!

Misty can do magic?!

After your pitiful demise, you have been given a second chance to live again by a goofball of a Deity named Misty. But there's a catch! You can never live in the same world ever again! So you have to start fresh again in another world and obviously in another town!Welcome to the town of Mystic Ville!Meet strange new people and get to know them, maybe they're keeping some secrets that you might wanna find out!Who knows? Maybe a vampire is in town?Wait a minute... how come you have Misty's magical power? She's not going to take this lightly... you know?With her power in your hands, life has never been easier.

Mystic Ville is a story about enjoying life. There's no deep meaning behind it, it is simply about enjoying life. The game tells the daily life of the Protagonist. Where sometimes, he has to solve his own and (often) other people's problems too.Mystic Ville is intended to be a linear story-oriented visual novel mixed with point-and-click elements to spice things up and accompanied by multiple branching dialogues / choices that may lead to various different scenarios, while still retaining its original linear nature at the core.The game is in active development, with tons of content and many more fetishes planned to be added to the game and improved upon to make the game even better than before.A new update of Mystic Ville will only be released when the newest chapter has completed development.We strive to provide the best experience for the players.

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No, the game is not censored.
I gotchu fam, don't worry!

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Background Artist
VFX Artist

Red Chan

Sprite Artist
Background Artist
CG Artist



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© 2021, Mystic Ville. All Rights Reserved
All characters portrayed are at least 18 years old.

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© 2021, Mystic Ville. All Rights Reserved
All characters portrayed are at least 18 years old.

Mystic Ville - Chapter 2

Latest Update: 29th August 2022

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    Red Chan

    Sprite Artist
    Background Artist
    CG Artist


    Story / Script